Why Romance is the BEST Community

I’m certain everyone has those little voices in their head, steering us one way or the other in life. What makes the difference is if we actually listen to them or tune them out – and believe me, listening to them is tough especially when it takes you way out of your comfort zone and onto to a brand new path.

It can be terrifying and exciting all at once – because if you’re like me, the fear of failure can be paralyzing. What if? My mind can come up with some seriously insane ‘what ifs’.

I’ve always been in a committed relationship with the romance genre. Imagine my delight to find that the romance community is full of down-to-earth writers who love to help other writers succeed. It’s inclusive and supportive – literally the best cheerleaders you can find anywhere. They truly want to see other writers succeed. Cutthroat competition isn’t a thing here, because when one romance author succeeds, we all succeed.

So the next time you read a book from one of your favorite authors, know that they are as amazing as you think. : )

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